About Us

👾 What is Animas? 👾

Animas is creating immersive experiences for community music & arts festivals in the physical and virtual worlds. Our mission is to educate and empower local creative and entrepreneurial communities utilizing innovative tech and web3 tools.

We specialize in building exciting activations utilizing AR, XR and NFT technology.

Our community, AnimasDAO, is a global collective of festival producers, artists and tech hackers. This network is our engine for innovation.

Animas' focus is to utilize web3 strategies to create accessible, immersive experiences for cities without support or infrastructure for music, arts and tech programs. We're bringing festivals into the future with AR, XR and NFT activations.


Intentional collaboration is at the heart of our mission. We will never collaborate with anyone who doesn't align with our goals, for the sake of monetary or popularity gain. 

We are committed to inclusive representation in our events and community. Underrepresented voices will always take precedence here. 

We will design and build by tapping into our authentic creativity. This is not a place to feed trends, but a place to feed our soul.

High Quality
Do less things, and do them well. Our focus is smaller events, curated with a commitment to high quality production and immersive experiences.

Locally Focused
Our events are a platform for local creatives, grassroots organizations and small businesses to achieve long-lasting visibility and tangible city-wide change. We will focus on empowering communities in geographical locations needing the most support.

audience dancing at animas-silent-disco